If there are no readers, does our content truly exist?

This, I believe, is a fair question. Yet, in a time of information overload, digital strategies are not a philosophical thought experiment; they're how we make sure our products reach the right people through the right channel and, most importantly, that our digital efforts are solving someone's problem or helping a community to better organise itself.

Ultimately, every digital strategy in media has one goal: to make it easier for people to discover and engage with our content, and for publishers to monetise it. But since engagement can be measured in many different ways, we first need to seek our own definition of success and understand what are the metrics we should look at. 

Monitoring the right data the right way is crucial in building a strategy that works. I used this approach to grow the audience of Vice in Italy, or to help Forbes expand into a new market. I'm now working with Il Sole-24 Ore to help their teams create new digital products that customers love.

If you're stuck and need guidance on your existing products or are looking for fresh ideas and out-of-the-box thinking, I can help you both ways. Let me help you define new horizons for your company in the long run, and give your team the tools to operate in an ever-changing context, starting today.

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